The oleander flowers

Question: Oleander flowers

Why haven't my oleanders been in flower for two years?

Answer: Oleander flowers

Dear Emanuela,
oleanders are evergreen shrubs, widely cultivated in the Mediterranean area, where it is sometimes possible to see them even in the wild; Ine been producing many flowers, but they must be healthy in order to be able to bloom, therefore, if they are suffering from any disease or parasite, they will tend not to produce buds. So first of all check that there are no insects visible above or below the leaves; ine Been the most fearful animal parasite is the red spider, which can not be seen with the naked eye, but which leaves on the leaves and small yellow or green dots, and produces very thin cobwebs, which you can easily notice if you approach the shrub. If your oleander has been attacked by red spider mites, you will have to eradicate them using an acaricide, because they are not insects, but mites, or related to spiders, and the most commonly spread insecticides do nothing about them. Another problem that can prevent an oleander from flowering is linked to insolation: oleanders are shrubs that love direct sunlight; if placed at home in partial shade or in full shade, they tend to bloom little, even to not produce any bud. The same happens if they are grown in very small pots: to grow an oleander in a pot it is necessary to have a container that has a diameter at least twice the diameter of the earthen bread around the roots; if forced into small vessels, they grow stiffly and do not bloom. Even watering is important; oleanders bear without problems even long periods of drought, but if they are watered regularly, when the soil is dry, they tend to grow better and flower; only that, if the watering is excessive, or the soil is not very draining, the plant is easily hit by root rot, which inhibits its development, with consequent absence of flowering. So, check that your plant is free of insects, that it is grown in the ground, or in a very large pot, with a good soil, well draining; that it does not receive excessive watering and that it is placed in a place where it receives at least a few hours of direct sunlight every day. If even one of these factors is lacking, then try to solve the problem, or you will hardly see flowers. Another reason why oleanders sometimes do not bloom is pruning: a drastic pruning in the spring, which causes most of the floral buds to be removed.