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If you still have doubts or want to know more about succulents, don't hesitate to write to the expert. An editorial expert will answer your questions trying to solve your problems with succulents and carnivores. Succulent plants, despite the name, we risk getting sick and withering more than the others. Their characteristics should not be misleading: even if they resist arid climates and water shortages, these plants can dry out, rot and die as much as other species. Many of these plants are kept in the apartment, in too hot and humid climates and in rooms with incorrect exposure. All these conditions can be the cause of diseases and premature death of succulents. When the irreparable happens, you end up running for cover and asking for advice in forums and sites dedicated to gardening. Also our online magazine offers a section dedicated to questions and answers on succulents. On a statistical level, users' questions concern succulent plants with obvious signs of illness. In some cases, advice is also asked about the cultivation or correct exposure of the plant, but in general, it is the diseases or symptoms of the same that alarm users and prompt them to ask questions to our expert. The latter reads all the questions, giving each of them an appropriate answer. Many answers and technical clarifications can really save the life of succulents, which is why we encourage and invite readers to use our section to ask us anything. The questions are contained in individual pages followed, on the sidelines, by a more or less articulated reply. All the answers can be useful to users who find themselves having succulent plants with the same symptoms or problems. Some answers also concern the methods of cultivation of succulent plants in the garden or many curiosities about cacti, such as, for example, the answer to a user who reveals that he has his cactus always thirsty. In botanical manuals it is difficult to find answers for extreme cases, but the reality, as we all know, far exceeds the imagination, and even a succulent plant rich in water like the cactus can always suffer from water shortages. Our expert also has an answer for this. Reading it, you will discover that even the cacti should be watered, not always or abundantly, but only when the soil appears dry. During the summer months watering can be daily, in the other months, absent. The succulent plants, therefore, suffer cultivation errors like other plants. By sharing the experiences and knowledge of the questions and answers section, you can find useful solutions also for a more effective cultivation of succulents. The latter will be grateful to you and will compensate you with magnificent blooms and a wonderful decorative effect.
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