Makita blower

Makita blowers: models on the market and their characteristics

Makita products can be inserted in various market segments to carry out maintenance (professional or otherwise) of maintenance, cleaning and management of the house, garden, etc. Among them we find grinders, drills, planes, hedge trimmers, trimmers and blowers. The latter are equipped with different power supply systems (electricity, battery and petrol petrol engine), which allow more or less incisive interventions depending on the power of the blower used. In any case, the Makita blower is equipped with a compact design and an ergonomic handle, for efficient and comfortable performance. Furthermore, the power and speed of the air jet allow the leaves or grass to be easily blown off the paths, sidewalks and borders of the flower beds.

Makita lithium blowers: the features of the models

There are many Makita blowers with lithium battery power supply on the market and they have different technical characteristics. The 18V model DUB182Z lithium model is very light, quiet and very practical. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle with soft grip coating (in order to eliminate the antistatic currents), a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 4 Ah. The speed of 18,000 rpm can be adjusted to three different positions (H / M / L) and allows a maximum suction depression of 5.4 kPa, for a weight of 1.7 kg. Alternatively, the 36 V BUB360Z model with lithium battery is widespread. It has a capacity of 2.6 Ah, a two-speed motor and a weight of 3.1 kg. This is extremely practical and light, ideal for cleaning the city's green areas and gardens.

The Makita BHX2501 blower with 4-stroke engine

The BHX2501 blower with 4-stroke engine is a very powerful and silent instrument. The 4-stroke Robin engine allows reduced consumption, minimal exhaust emissions and great autonomy for interventions. Furthermore, it is equipped with a displacement of 24.5 cubic centimeters and a power of 1.1 horses. This model is equipped with a non-slip grip to allow a very firm and solid grip. Finally, the low weight (4.4 kg) allows manageable and practical interventions, while the 64.6 m / sec air jet guarantees high performance. Thanks to the optional kit, the Makita BHX2501 blowers can be transformed into vacuum cleaners, and the aspirated material (grass, leaves, etc.) is stored in the large collection bag.

Makita Blower: The Makita BBX7600 blower: the features of the model

One of the brand's blowers appears to be the most powerful in the category. This is the BBX7600, extremely robust and compact. It is equipped with an electronic ignition that allows a really easy starting and a very low level of vibrations. The harness of this blower has also been specially designed to comply with the most recent anti-pollution standards. The tool has an autonomy of 80 minutes, and is equipped with an engine with a cylinder capacity of 75.6 cubic centimeters and a power of 3 horses. The air flow is very powerful, with a maximum revenue of 14.1 cubic meters per minute at a speed of 87 m / sec. The BBX7600 model is characterized, however, by a considerable weight (10.3 kg), mainly due to the engine, which makes the instrument not usable by everyone.