Petrol Trimmers

The different types of trimmers and the types of feeding

The purchase of an trimmer must be based on the actual capacity of the product, linked to the different types of work that must be carried out in one's own garden. In fact, it is not just a question of price. There are different types on the market, whose characteristics vary a lot from each other, and which may or may not adapt to the particular context. The main difference concerns the power supply system, which can be battery-powered, electric or petrol-driven. The latter were the first to appear on the market and are the most widespread. In fact, petrol-driven models have the advantage of having a high-power engine and their use is not hampered by the power cable. In this way they are very manageable and allow quick and fast work.

The petrol cutter: the advantages and drawbacks

As already mentioned, petrol models are very powerful and easy to handle. A more powerful engine consequently guarantees faster interventions and better and more precise cuts. It is also true that the greater the power of the engine and the higher the price: for this reason it is better to buy a powerful model only if necessary. In any case, they must have at least 600 Watts. Despite the advantages they offer, these tools also have some drawbacks. The most immediate is the emission of exhaust gases, caused by the engine being supplied with a mixture of petrol or diesel. However, this problem has been limited by the introduction on the market of new petrol cutter models. These are 4-stroke products that eliminate most exhaust fumes and odors (in this case, however, prices are higher).

The characteristics of petrol cutter: weight and maintenance

To determine the quality of the work of petrol cutter they are also the materials used. The fact that these instruments are made of good quality and resistant materials does not necessarily mean that the total weight is considerable. In fact, they are used for fairly long jobs, so their weight should not exceed 4 kg. Generally they are used to finish the lawns and the lawns, the flowerbeds, the borders and the perimeters of the walls. However, devices such as multi-function brushcutters that also function as string trimmers are often found on the market. These models allow you to carry out different interventions using a single tool. In any case, the petrol engine model requires some maintenance operations to be efficient: it is advisable to clean them well with a dry cloth and store them in a safe and dry place.

Petrol Trimmers: The price and the elements that determine it

There are many types of models on the market, belonging to various brands. The choice of the type that best suits our needs must respond to the frequency of use and the interventions we need to carry out. First of all, we need to understand what we really need and which features are to our advantage and which are not. Depending on the technical characteristics of the product, the price will also vary. It must be said that petrol engines are the most powerful models, but also the most expensive ones. In this case, however, the edge trimmers may be used not only to refine the borders or lawns, but also for other more incisive interventions. In this case, however, you can decide to opt for a multi-function brushcutter: it will perform the functions of an trimmer and many more.