The vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are very useful tools in the field of gardening and also in the care of domestic greenery. It is a tube-shaped instrument composed of a suction tube (which can also blow) and a motor that is worn by the operator. The driven instrument sucks inside a bag everything we want to remove from our plant. Quickly we will be able to get rid of all the residues of the pruning done, fallen foliage, and cut hedges. The advantage of a vacuum cleaner is essentially to save time. Just think of when a rake is used, using twice or more than three times. The main disadvantage is essentially the possibility of traumatizing the plant near which we operate. The jet of air could indeed ruin the leaves.

Operation of a vacuum cleaner

The operation of a vacuum cleaner is relatively simple and even the less experienced can use it safely, obviously paying attention to the instructions for use. The basic constitution is formed by a motor with an attached tube through which the material is sucked (foliage, grass and more). The engine which can be electric or petrol engine (so it can be powered by electricity or by petrol). The energy developed by the current creates a negative pressure, which depending on the intensity gives us the suction effect. The difference in the two types of motorization lies in the equipment's versatility. A petrol or gasoline model is much more transportable than a current model. This is because the current model has a plug and is conditioned by a socket. There are battery models but they are still not powerful enough and reliable so they are not recommended.

Aspirator or blower?

In any choice it is necessary to go to evaluate all the characteristics of the product to prefer. The case of aspirators does not escape from this logic. The appliance, which can be both a pure aspiration instrument and a vacuum / blower model, must be evaluated in the light of this characteristic. The main advantage of having an instrument that actually contains two is quite obvious, there is an undoubted advantage. But it also has a quite annoying disadvantage. The presence of a double instrument also makes it much more fragile. The continuous passage between the two functions can seriously compromise the longevity of our tool. The models that present themselves only as aspirators are evidently more long-lived even if less functional. It is recommended if the use is not purely domestic but is professional (a gardening company).

Vacuum cleaner prices

All products on the market are affected by price changes depending on the brand and according to the quality of the same. Garden exhausters are no exception. The aspirators on the market are innumerable and have prices fluctuating from a little less than a hundred euros to a little less than a thousand euros. What makes the price change so drastically? The first aspect to consider is certainly the brands. Many good quality brands have uncompetitive prices. The second aspect to consider is certainly the size of the appliance, the storage capacity. The more you go on a higher work capacity the more the price increases. Power supply is also an important factor affecting the price. The battery models, the less long-lived models cost less. While very long-lived models, for example with petrol engines, have a greater cost.