Flowering plants

Question: what flowers on the terrace in the sun?

I have a very large terrace that I like to embellish in the summer with lots of flowers. I usually wear Parisian geraniums, but I have the disadvantage that the petals fall into the neighboring property. The terrace is in full sun in the afternoon, do you have flowers to advise me that do not lose petals and do not dirty the property of the neighborhood? Thanks

Flowering plants: Answer: flowers on the terrace

Dear Arianna,
it is true that geraniums, especially the Parisians, lose many withered flowers every day (which moreover tend to leave spots of bright color) and even leaves; but in fact all the plants in general, being alive, a little dirty, producing leaves and flowers that progressively wither, to leave room for the new vegetation. The only plants that I know that do not dirty at all are those of fabric or plastic material; live plants, especially flowering ones, always tend to lose some residual material, and therefore to lightly soil. Surely there are terrace plants that lose much less leaves and flowers, although geraniums are usually used for the simple reason that they do not need so much care, they tend to get sick with difficulty and produce real cascades of flowers; So, if you want the exact same effect given by the Parisian geraniums, you will hardly be able to replace it; but if you simply want beautiful flowers throughout the summer, and you are a little tired of the usual Parisian geraniums, there are so many plants that can live very well on your terrace, flourishing a lot, and without the need for huge watering and care, above all because your terrace enjoys a good brightness, but has no direct sun all day. Typically, geraniums replace (or alternate with) surfines; there are various colors, flower sizes and vigor, and you can also associate them with petunias, which will produce flowers that are practically identical, but with more compact and non-hanging vegetation. Other terrace plants? It depends only on your tastes, and what you find in the nursery near your home; you can make a mono varietal terrace, or associate different flowers, but of similar color, or of contrasting color, and maybe even some green seedlings, to thicken the appearance of the vases. In addition to surfinie, in the nursery you can find streptosolen, bidens, various types of daisies, brachycome, calceolaria, coreopsis, gazania, begonias, mesembriantemi with leaves and flowers of various sizes, lantane, sundaville (they are dipladenias that survive even in full sun), dimorfoteche, salvie da fiore (very beautiful salvia farinacea), sanvitalia, scab, verbena, gaillardia, campanulas of various species, heliotrope (from the incredible scent of vanilla, much loved by those who love purple flowers), lobelia, nemesia, torenia , coleus, bacopa, leaf morning glory, sedum, argentea dichondra, ivy, nasturtium. And surely you will find many others in the nursery near your home; don't they get dirty at all? I can't lie to you, surely they will lose some leaves and some flowers, but not having such abundant vegetation as geraniums, dead leaves and flowers will surely be much less.