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Prefabricated car boxes

Single prefabricated car boxes

If the space you have available is reduced, or you simply need a single parking space, you can decide to create a single standard car garage. You can find numerous online solutions: prefabricated car boxes in wood or sheet metal, normal or insulated to ensure maximum comfort even inside the box, classic model or in a small house and finally with the possibility of obtaining an interior space for the shelter of the tools and machinery. The solutions on the market are multiple, to meet every single need. In addition, many of the companies that produce and sell prefabricated car garage make available to its customers specialized and qualified personnel able to carefully evaluate and resolve any problem.

Double prefabricated car boxes

If the space you have available is wider, or you need to find shelter for two cars, the perfect solution is represented by the prefabricated car garage Double. The ample space inside will allow you to park your car much more easily. Furthermore, if you opt for the insulated model, you will have an additional space to store useful tools and machinery for the maintenance of your garden, but also, if properly equipped with shelves, a warehouse where you can store many small useful objects in every home. You can choose between prefabricated wooden or sheet metal car boxes, in the classic version or in the more elegant house model. However, they are always all products certified and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Prefabricated car boxes: what the law says

The D.P.R. 380 of June 6, 2001 - Consolidated text of the legislative and regulatory provisions in the building sector - expressly provides that, if there is no different municipal disposition, there is an obligation to present an illustrative technical report of the work to be carried out, together with a scale plant that illustrates the dimensions, the exact location and the respect of the distances from the property of others. If it is a standard prefabricated car garage, the advice is to attach photos that show how the finished work will look. This provision applies to both prefabricated boxes resting on the ground (those made of wood or sheet metal), and above all for those made of reinforced concrete fixed on fixed foundations. Some Municipalities foresee the possibility of realizing works simply resting on the ground without any permission, while for those in masonry it is always essential to obtain authorization.

Prefabricated car boxes: penalties

In the event that prefabricated garages are built without the necessary municipal authorizations, the person who carried out the work is subject to heavy fines. In order to regularize one's position, it is possible to submit to the Municipality a permit to build in an amnesty, with a technical report attached which demonstrates the double conformity of the works carried out. In practice, it must be demonstrated that the prefabricated car boxes made comply with both the regulations in force and those in force at the time they were built. Otherwise the Municipality has the right, in addition to applying a heavy sanction, to request its demolition and restoration to the previous state at the expense of the offender. Even if the technical report is able to demonstrate double compliance, the citizen is required to pay the penalties provided, without however having to remove what has been achieved.