Gran Sasso Park

How to reach the Gran Sasso Park

The most comfortable and easy way to reach the Gran Sasso Park is by car. With the A24 motorway, you can exit at Assergi, if you want to reach the Aquilan side of the Gran Sasso Park continue on the state road 17 bis. From L'Aquila and Teramo, take the highway 80 and cross the Valle del Vomano, reaching the Monti della Laga, on the Abruzzo side. With the SS 4 you reach the sides of Lazio and the Marche, while the south-eastern slope can be reached along the valley of the Pescara river, with the Strada Statale 14, reaching the Marche side of the Monti della Laga. The railway stations are in L'Aquila and in Teramo, then continue with the buses, which provide connections from the provincial capitals to the small centers of the park.

Importance of the Gran Sasso Park

The importance of the Gran Sasso Park is manifold, in fact it acts as a "trait d'union" between the resident populations, the local institutions and the tourists and scholars who frequent it. The Gran Sasso Park is a sort of border area between the Euro-Siberian and Mediterranean regions, in fact, a few kilometers from the sea, you will find the Calderone Glacier, the only one in central-southern Italy. The territory enclosed in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park is vast, is located in the Apennines and extends over three regions: Marche, Abruzzo and Lazio, comprising five provinces and forty-four municipalities! The flora and fauna are purely high altitude, you will find the Apennine chamois and the wolf, the Viola della Majella, the Edelweiss of the Apennines.

The itineraries of the Gran Sasso Park

A trip to the Gran Sasso Park is a way to discover the wonders of nature, which have coexisted for thousands of years with a major historical, cultural and artistic heritage. The routes of the Gran Sasso Park are divided into districts, each offering many routes and excursions. Some are at high altitudes, on the highest peaks and are passable, safely, only in the summer, others are of various difficulty levels. The Park is a true paradise for "gourmands", in fact, it is rich in typical products and local productions, which can be tasted in the many refreshment points located in the area. Among these, remember to taste saffron, a real treat, you will find many dishes that include it. And then there are the cheeses and cold cuts, true goodies.

Environmental education of the Gran Sasso Park

The environmental education of the Gran Sasso Park is one of the fundamental aims of the park. The programs are aimed at promoting and supporting the importance of the park itself. The awareness that, especially for the youngest, the sense of belonging and responsibility towards the place where one lives is fundamental. The proposals for the laboratories are really many, they concern the environment, recycling, sustainable energy, flora and fauna, biodiversity and its sustainability. There are also workshops on maintaining the culinary culture and on the importance of handing down millenary traditions. In the laboratories we learn how to recognize the plants and roots of the Gran Sasso Park, which are the paths and where they lead. The habitat of large carnivores, such as the wolf and its natural victim, the Apennine chamois; the importance of water for the territory and to recognize the streams of the park.