Gran Paradiso Park

How to get to the Gran Paradiso Park

If you want to organize a trip by car, at the Gran Paradiso Park, you have two possibilities, to reach it from the Piedmont side or from the Valle d'Aosta one. In the first case, we will start from Turin, following the road to Val Soana up to Ceresole Reale. In the second case we reach the city of Aosta, with the motorway and continue through the valleys of Cogne, Valsavarenche and Rhкmes. More inconvenient, but not impossible, is to reach the Gran Paradiso Park by public transport, train and bus. Both the valleys of Piedmont and those of the Val d'Aosta are served by buses, which make the route that you would travel by car. Before organizing the trip to the Gran Paradiso Park, keep in mind that this is a protected area, therefore there are rules to safeguard the surrounding environment.

Because a trip to the Gran Paradiso Park

A trip to the Gran Paradiso Park means immersing yourself in nature, discovering uncontaminated environments and discovering the habitat of unknown animals. The park was created to protect the ibex, but over the decades it has become increasingly large and important. Its extension is around the Gran Paradiso massif, home to animals that may have died out: the wolf, the golden eagle, the ibex, the chamois and the lynx. The territory is very varied, thanks to this one can see the most disparate animals: the marmot, the hare, the fox, the ermine, the squirrel, as well as many species of birds. From a landscape point of view, a trip to the Gran Paradiso Park will let you admire the hooked pine woods, the wetlands, the peat bogs and the alpine lakes.

Itineraries for a trip in the Gran Paradiso Park

The Gran Paradiso Park is the perfect place for a trip, the proposed itineraries are many and varied. The five valleys included in the territory of the Gran Paradiso Park are: the Valle dell'Orco, Valle Soana, Valle di Cogne, Valle Valsavarenche and Valle di Rhкmes. Each one represents an itinerary, with its excursions and its particularities. That of the Valle dell'Orco leads to the artificial lake, continuing on to a refuge, where a truly marvelous scenery opens up. If you take a trip to the Gran Paradiso Park, do not miss the Cogne Valley, it is perhaps the richest in breathtaking excursions: the village of Lillaz, the lake of Loie, the view of Mont Blanc, the Vallée dell'Arolla, the show of the Valnontey glacier, and much more.

Parco Gran Paradiso: The educational value of a trip to the Gran Paradiso Park

A trip to the Gran Paradiso Park is not just entertainment, fun, scenery, walks and relaxation, it can be an opportunity to understand what a protected area is, because it is born and because it is important to maintain it. The park is an open-air educational laboratory, there are many proposals for educators and school children. From issues closely related to nature to anthropological and historical ones. The aim is always to stimulate the critical sense and to make people understand the importance of the man-nature relationship, its close indissoluble bond. A trip to the Gran Paradiso Park is an opportunity to understand how the environmental heritage is to be safeguarded at all costs, for us and for future generations. Participation in activities is also possible for children with slight motor difficulties if accompanied.